Healthcare providers want easy-to-use technology, finds KLAS Research

Healthcare providers want easy-to-use technology, finds KLAS Research

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Nearly half of respondents cite workflows as top priority for EHR vendors to improve

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Healthcare providers want electronic health record (EHR) technology vendors to improve the ease of use and workflows in their solutions, according to findings from KLAS Research.  

The new report, titled Midsize/Large Ambulatory EMR 2022: Healthcare Organizations’ Hierarchy of Needs, surveyed over 500 respondents from midsize and large ambulatory practices to understand the evolving technological needs of healthcare providers, and how they align with vendor development efforts.  

When asked to identify the top three areas their EHR vendor needs to improve, over 70 per cent of respondents mentioned ease of use/workflows, with 44 per cent of respondents ranking this as their top priority.  

Across all vendors in the report, respondents cited issues including a high number of clicks, irrelevant information displayed within the EHR, lack of speciality-specific functionality, and poor integration that necessitates disruptive screen hopping. The report highlighted that healthcare providers feel that improvements in these areas would give clinicians more freedom to interact face-to-face with patients instead of a computer screen. 

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