How Jabra helped Wunderman Thompson Studios Copenhagen enhance Teams collaboration

How Jabra helped Wunderman Thompson Studios Copenhagen enhance Teams collaboration


The creative agency chose to use Jabra’s video conferencing solutions to improve communications with clients and employees 

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Wunderman Thompson Studios Copenhagen is a creative agency that serves a wide range of clients across the globe.  

In order to work seamlessly with its clients, the agency needs powerful video solutions that support all aspects of the creative process – from brainstorming ideas, to pitching new business and building lasting customer relationships. In addition, being able to collaborate with colleagues internally over video was an important need and supported hybrid working.  

To meet these goals, the agency wanted to upgrade its meeting rooms to deliver the best video conferencing experience by implementing Microsoft Teams and hardware solutions from Jabra. 

“With the PanaCast 50 Room System, we can meet and connect online naturally with our wider team and customers,” says Axel Grahammer, technology programme director at Wunderman Thompson Studios. “I really like that with the 180-degree field of view, everyone around the table is always on screen, and even those seated all the way at the back can be seen and heard clearly. The dynamic composition feature, which shows the four most recent speakers to remote participants, makes everyone on the call feel like they’re in the room with us.” 

Since deploying Jabra’s solutions, everyone has found it easier to join in discussions. The experience has been further improved with the built-in whiteboard streaming feature on the Jabra PanaCast 50 Room System. 

Besides the dedicated room system, Wunderman Thompson Studios is also using the Jabra PanaCast 20 personal video conferencing cameras. The small but powerful video camera clips to the top of any laptop or monitor to provide 4K ultra high-definition, artificial intelligence-enhanced video meetings, allowing users to move with their devices and supporting the flexibility required for hybrid work. 

“With flexible working environments here to stay, video meetings are the new normal,” says Chris Myers, managing director at Wunderman Thompson Studios. “Increased collaboration and supporting relationships are the key to navigating the hybrid working era, making Jabra the preferred choice for video conferencing here at Wunderman Thompson Studios.” 

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