How to successfully deploy Teams Rooms

How to successfully deploy Teams Rooms


Rob Westwood shares how New Era Technologies helps businesses to ensure their infrastructure meets the ever-changing needs of a hybrid workforce to provide a healthy return on investment

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The velocity and scale at which large enterprise organisations are deploying Microsoft Teams Rooms is unimaginable. But building and deploying these rooms is just the beginning. How do organisations ensure these rooms meet the ever-changing needs of the hybrid workforce, while also delivering a healthy return on investment (ROI)?  

New Era Technology has three top recommendations for organisations wanting to ensure successful deployments of Teams Rooms.  

First, organisations must prioritise user-centric design by taking the time to understand what users want and need from their video-enabled spaces. With this knowledge they can ensure the right design with the right technology to achieve the desired user experience as well as maximum ROI and productivity from the meeting space. Don’t lose sight of the fact that meeting spaces now need to be flexible, so they can be easily converted for multiple uses without affecting the user experience.  

Businesses should also ensure global consistency in their meeting experiences, as well as an intricate plan to build and deploy rooms without impacting current business operations. During the transition to and roll out of large Teams Rooms deployments, it is commonplace to have inconsistencies and multiple technologies in place. As a Microsoft partner, New Era Technology offers global project management and deployment capabilities in every corner of the world.  

Finally, it is important not to underestimate the support and management required for rooms. As the number of Teams Rooms increases, so will the demand for both planned and reactive management of these rooms. Resourcing an internal team to support the increase in rooms will be both hard and costly.   

Working with a global technology partner like New Era Technology means organisations have access to a global team of Microsoft experts, as well as an enhanced managed service and management and monitoring tools that remotely detect and fix issues before they become an issue for meetings.  

Find out about other challenges organisations can face when transitioning to Teams Rooms on the New Era Technology website. 

Rob Westwood is director of product and solution design for global video collaboration at New Era Technology 

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