IBC 2023: Discussions on generative AI and instability in the media industry open conference

IBC 2023: Discussions on generative AI and instability in the media industry open conference

Andy Beach and Simon Crownshaw discussed how media companies can navigate instability in the media industry

Microsoft's Andy Beach and Simon Crownshaw offered insights on the first day of the media industry event

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IBC, the global forum for professionals involved in content creation, management and delivery, opened yesterday at RAI Amsterdam, beginning four days of discussions, insights and networking for the media industry.

The opening day saw Microsoft's Andy Beach discussing the future of generative artificial intelligence in the media industry in a panel with Tony Guarino of Paramount and Andy Walker of Accenture

"It's an evolution piece, not a revolution piece," said Beach. "In the next 3 to 5 years, we're going to see a lot of examples of AI use cases, and operations will become faster and more efficient. In the next 5-10 years, however, it will become so ingrained in storytelling that possibilites that we've not even imagined yet will become reality."

Later, Beach joined Microsoft's worldwide head of Media & Communications, Simon Crownshaw, for a discussion on how to navigate instability in today's media landscape.

"There's no question that the notion that content is king and that's all you need is wrong," said Crownshaw. "Content is the most important element, but its not enough on its own. Its the combination of the content and the experience. So you need to judge how to follow audience behaviours and ensure that they never leave your platform."

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