Icertis releases new contract capabilities for mid-market companies

Icertis releases new contract capabilities for mid-market companies

Flexible contract generation tool aims to simplify processes for customers

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Software firm Icertis has developed new capabilities including a flexible contract generation tool and training programme to bring “contract intelligence” to mid-market companies. 

Icertis says capabilities within its Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform will help mid-market customers from financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and transportation to close deals quicker, manage contracts at scale and respond immediately when new challenges or opportunities arise.

“We knew we needed a platform that would give us the foundation we lacked to simply manage contracts,” said David Massie, director of contracts at manufacturing materials distributor Vallen. “We also knew we wanted a partner to grow and change with us and to bring new technology to the contract lifecycle management process. The last couple of years have proven that need out as we have transformed our business in a number of ways and Icertis has been right there to make sure our CLM would meet each of our new needs.”

Icertis has also expanded its partnerships with Microsoft, Salesforce and Adobe Sign to simplify the creation, approval and execution of contracts, and has developed a new contract intelligence strategy, which it says will help customers “analyse contracts in the context of their systems and processes, expand their understanding of how contracts drive all aspects of the business, and ensure that the intent of every contract is fully realised”.  

“Icertis was the first company to grasp the true transformative potential of CLM, and these moves deliver deep, unparalleled contract intelligence for companies – regardless of size – so they can harness the value embedded in their contracts,” said Samir Bodas, CEO and co-founder of Icertis. 

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