Improving the reseller user experience with

Improving the reseller user experience with
Platform helps Advanced Digital Network Distribution cut administration costs and boost productivity

Rebecca Gibson |

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When value-added IT technology distributor Advanced Digital Network Distribution (ADN) decided to become a cloud services distributor, it set itself a goal of being the top company of its kind in Europe. To help achieve this aim, ADN adopted a well-known cloud platform. Two years later, however, it wanted to improve service quality, enhance the overall reseller experience and move to a platform that would enable it to send invoicing information from its cloud platform to resellers via its enterprise resource planning system.

When choosing which cloud platform to migrate to, ADN had two key considerations. First, it needed to be able to smoothly migrate all its existing business and transition its large network of resellers and end customers from the old platform to the new one. Second, ADN wanted to establish an end-to-end and seamless operating flow for its internal cloud team. 

ADN opted to develop an own-branded marketplace for its resellers and end customers by leveraging the platform. Marketplaces powered by the platform enable distributors, cloud service providers and independent software vendors to boost their sales and fully automate billing, ordering, payment and support processes for Microsoft cloud services – all through one ­integrated solution.

In order to ensure there is a seamless migration,’s sales and customer success teams collaborated with ADN’s cloud team during meetings and webcasts, while its business engineers also established a comprehensive training schedule to show ADN’s team how to use the platform. The team also designed solutions to help ADN integrate its legacy systems into the platform to ensure full business continuity. 

Since the implementation, ADN has been one of the most successful distributors in the ecosystem and has cited the platform’s ‘amazing’ marketplace and ‘comprehensive’ range of easy-to-use functions as the biggest benefits. Now that ADN’s resellers are making transactions via the new marketplace, ADN is able to save more than €3,500 (US$ 3,987) a month on billing and invoicing costs. The company has also significantly increased revenue and boosted team productivity by 10%. Most importantly, it has greatly enhanced the user experience for resellers and end customers. 

“The marketplace is an excellent solution for providing cloud services to our partners,” said Hermann Ramacher, CEO of ADN.

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