Intelligent automation is improving employee morale

Intelligent automation is improving employee morale

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Alyssa Putzer of Metafile Information Systems outlines why businesses must invest in artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to attract and retain employees

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With 40 per cent of workers leaving their jobs within their first year, according to, technology has become the key to increasing employee morale and job satisfaction. 

It’s no secret that it is drastically more expensive to replace an employee than it is to retain them, so employers are turning to solutions that use intelligent automation to maintain employee satisfaction, develop morale-building strategies and reduce employee turnover. 

Redundant, manual tasks can reduce employee drive and motivation, leading to higher turnover rates and lower employee satisfaction. While parties and company retreats help to temporarily raise employee morale, it is going to take a bigger strategy to maintain it. Implementing intelligent automation is a great way to increase employee drive, motivation and productivity.  

Millennials are the largest generation currently represented in the workforce. This generation, as well as those born between 1990 and 2010, are tech-savvy, impact-driven and tend to work for companies where their talents are being put to good use. To recruit and retain this generation of workers, businesses need to have the tools in place to attract them. Intelligent automation, for example, provides opportunities for employees to focus on more strategic tasks, and also demonstrates to those employees that your organisation is forward-thinking, modern and prioritises growth. 

When employees no longer have to undertake repetitive work, they are more available to concentrate on high-value projects while automation software handles the manual tasks. When intelligent automation uses artificial intelligence and machine learning, employees can rest assured that processes are working seamlessly and consistently. This then paves the way for companies to start implementing a broader digital transformation strategy that will ultimately lead to better insight, greater growth and more strategic business decisions. In addition, companies can avoid hiring temporary or full-time staff to handle repetitive data entry tasks, resulting in cost savings. 

The option to work from anywhere is also now essential and companies need the technology to support it. Intelligent automation ensures that documents are available anytime, anywhere and can be updated in real time. This allows users to give the appropriate people access to documents so that payments are going out the door on time, no matter where employees are working.  

Alyssa Putzer is the marketing communications specialist for Metafile Information Systems 

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