simplifies delivery of Azure Reserved Instances simplifies delivery of Azure Reserved Instances

Firm’s automated billing and provisioning services solution enable customers to sell easily and instantly

Elly Yates-Roberts | is simplifying the delivery of Azure Reserved Instances. Customers can use the firm’s automated billing and provisioning services solution to sell easily and instantly.

An Azure Virtual Machine (VM) Reserved Instance (RI) is a VM on the Microsoft Azure public cloud that has been reserved for dedicated use on a one- or three-year basis. By using RIs for predictable and persistent cloud workloads, end customers can now reserve a VM, reducing costs by up to 72%, compared with just using Azure VM on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Partners can also benefit from RIs, as they can acquire, provision and manage commercial customer Azure RI and server subscriptions through the Microsoft Partner Center and Azure Portal, broadening their offerings and boosting revenue streams. 

However, providing RIs also provides its own challenges, for example the billing and delivery of RIs must be done in two separate processes from different systems and providers must commit to updating its offering at the same rate as Microsoft. is helping its customers and partners take these challenges in their stride with its automation platform. The billing and provisioning services solution enables customers to deliver RIs to customers easily and instantly through the purchase wizard. This solution also simplifies the update process as it can all be done at the click of a button. In addition, the platform can securely carry out the automatic ordering, provisioning and invoicing of all RIs. 

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