It’s time to hit reset on security operations

It’s time to hit reset on security operations


According to Dan Riley, Kyndryl’s Security Operations as a platform provides customers with a centralised view of their security infrastructure, helping them identify the latest threats with confidence

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The past decade saw organisations rapidly expanding their security teams and toolsets to handle the rise in threat event frequency. As these organisations enter 2024 however, they are finding that their security processes are now outdated, their toolset has become bloated, and their security teams are struggling to withstand cyberattacks. The time has come to hit reset and modernise security operations.  

Kyndryl’s Security Operations as a platform (SOaap) helps address these issues by creating a consolidated view of security tools, combined with automation, to optimise decision-making by security teams. 

SOaap is powered by Kyndryl Bridge, an open integration platform that leverages Kyndryl’s core strengths, data-driven insights and expertise to provide our customers with more visibility into, and control of, their complex technology environments. This improves observability and operability while adding intelligence that helps our customers achieve their cyber resiliency goals quicker. 

Based on customer demand, a key priority for the platform is ensuring Microsoft technologies are supported. For example, Microsoft Defender and Sentinel are supported from launch to aid customers with, respectively, endpoint detection and response, and security information and event management.  

Another key priority for us is maintaining our ‘customer zero’ strategy, whereby we follow the same practices and use the same technologies that we would recommend to our customers. Our chief information officer and chief information security officer utilise services delivered by Kyndryl’s six global managed services practices, one of which is security and resiliency. This helps us to ensure that our customers can get the most out of the solutions they use, such as SOaap. 

This hands-on approach to technology also means that the technical and domain expertise of our employees is amplified. We currently have more than 24,000 total Microsoft-certified employees, and Kyndryl has also earned all six Microsoft Solutions Partner designations, including Data and AI, and Security. 

SOaap is part of a growing Kyndryl portfolio of independent but complementary cyber resiliency offerings. Customers can choose to trust Kyndryl to manage their security operations centre, their cybersecurity mesh architecture or their security toolset, or even all three. Each integration multiplies the value experienced by the customer.  

Dan Riley is distinguished engineer and vice president of data science at Kyndryl  

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