Jabra launches new PanaCast 20 personal camera

Jabra launches new PanaCast 20 personal camera

Personal AI-enabled device delivers seamless and secure experiences for hybrid working environments 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Videoconferencing systems provider Jabra has launched the latest addition to the PanaCast range of devices – PanaCast 20. The portable device has been designed for artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled personal video conferencing, providing users with a seamless and secure hybrid working experience.

With the Covid-19 pandemic having ushered in a ‘new normal’ and accelerated the adoption of remote and hybrid working strategies, many businesses are now seeing the value of a more flexible working environment. Video conferencing solutions have become central to new working practices. Video meetings are 40 per cent more productive compared to audio only, according to Aragon Research, and the solutions that enable more natural, in-person-like experiences are said to reduce the level of fatigue in users.

PanaCast 20, available since August, is meeting the needs of remote and hybrid working through intelligent video and high-quality audio, safety and security, and flexibility.

“Extraordinary times call for extraordinary solutions and we believe the new Jabra PanaCast 20 delivers just that,” said Nigel Dunn, managing director of EMEA North at Jabra. “It is now time to start thinking about future proofing offices, creating optimal collaboration circumstances for flexible hybrid workers and to ensure maximum productivity as your teams return. We invite businesses, organisations and institutions all around the world to experience audio and video like never before with the Jabra PanaCast intelligent devices.”

With 4K Ultra HD Video, users can guarantee quality, and AI-driven Intelligent Zoom ensures the main speaker is kept in the centre of the frame, regardless of their environment. Automatic lighting correction and optimisation automatically adjusts images to enhance the video quality and delivers optimal video streaming from wherever the user chooses to work. Jabra’s Picture-in-Picture functionality enables participants to integrate a second video stream within their main picture, so they can see the speaker and their presentation simultaneously.

The device’s AI is managed on-device with edge processing and all experiences are powered on the device itself, which minimises the risk of security breaches and maximises speed, accuracy and quality. Its camera also has a built-in lens cover to guarantee privacy.

PanaCast 20 is portable, with a compact design that can be clipped to any monitor to enable flexible working. It works seamlessly with all leading unified communications platforms.

“In a world of hybrid working and distributed teams, video collaboration is playing a crucial role in keeping us connected more than ever before,” said Dunn. “PanaCast 20 is setting a new standard in intelligent, personal video conferencing with no compromises. As we navigate the challenges of staying productive, PanaCast 20 delivers an outstanding collaboration experience for today’s flexible workforce.” 

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