KnowledgeLake delivers new AI-powered content management solutions

KnowledgeLake delivers new AI-powered content management solutions


Suite built on Microsoft Azure summarises, interprets and extracts information from documents and provides answers to questions

Alice Chambers |

Software-as-a-service provider KnowledgeLake has released a suite of Microsoft Azure-based solutions that use artificial intelligence to deliver enterprise content management services.

KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions use AI to automatically summarise, interpret and extract information from documents within seconds, expediting document processing and simplifying content management. The solutions also use AI and natural language processing technologies to respond to users’ questions and commands.

“Infusing Intuitive AI into the KnowledgeLake platform sets a new standard for the industry,” said Ron Cameron, CEO and co-founder of KnowledgeLake. “Enterprises can now leverage out-of-the-box document intelligence with next-generation tools to help solve crucial content management pain points and document processing challenges faster and easier than ever.”

KnowledgeLake’s suite also enables businesses to build workflows tailored to their specific needs, connect with customers by completing tasks and uploading documents in one workflow, and collect data from customers and other external users.

The suite can also be integrated with other applications for use across industries.

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