Leaning on an experienced technology partner like JourneyTEAM

Leaning on an experienced technology partner like JourneyTEAM

Firm helps businesses implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dan Brown and Ian Wheeler |

Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions Business Central and Finance and Supply Chain (F&SC) can help businesses in a myriad of ways.

Both solutions are designed for businesses of different sizes. While Business Central is designed for companies working with a smaller budget and shorter timeline, F&SC is aimed at mid- to large-sized businesses and provides a more consolidated approach. They are cloud-based, multi-country, multi-currency, multi-legal entity solutions for enterprises and offer out-of-the-box capabilities for integration of third-party extensions, other integration points and Power Platform capability.

Business Central and F&SC bring enterprise-level work and data consolidation into a single application, providing organisations with a more streamlined approach to transactional activities and workflows as well as centralised data management. This allows businesses to better evaluate operations and identify opportunities for improvement and growth.

When an organisation implements an ERP solution, it inherently adopts a large amount of risk. Having an experienced implementation partner, like JourneyTEAM, that understands how to manage the risks and capitalise on the rewards of an ERP effort is paramount to a successful implementation.

One business that has made use of JourneyTEAM’s expertise is REMA Tip Top, a leader in tyre repair, surface protection and material processing. REMA wanted to improve its sales and limit setbacks, so it joined the Business Central Sherpa programme at JourneyTEAM to give its employees the training and resources necessary to re-implement and optimise the use of the platform.

“Taking the guided approach helped us to understand how Business Central actually works and made us realise that it isn’t very different from a user-level system,” said Christa Hauenstein, chief digital officer at REMA. “The added benefit, though, is that it can do all we need and more.”

JourneyTEAM has also worked with a non-profit religious organisation which needed additional Dynamics 365 F&SC visibility and implementation assistance. The organisation operates a print centre to produce printed materials for its global operations. JourneyTEAM helped them with plant floor machine integration and programming. This project addressed the need for sensors, controllers and human interfaces of the machines to communicate with Dynamics F&SC and keep track of inventory and production.

Watch JourneyTEAM’s webinar about Dynamics 365 Business Central and F&SC.

Dan Brown is Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain practice director and Ian Wheeler is Dynamics 365 project manager at JourneyTEAM

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