Learn on Demand Systems and Credly launch digital credential programme

Learn on Demand Systems and Credly launch digital credential programme
Users can gain validated skills for in-demand topic areas such as cybersecurity and cloud computing

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Learning services organisation Learn on Demand Systems has partnered with digital credentials solution provider Credly to launch a digital credential programme. Through it, users can gain validated skills in areas such as cybersecurity and cloud computing. 

Once earned, credentials are hosted on Credly’s Acclaim platform, which allows users to share their validated skills online through professional and social networks. This can help them to find career and learning opportunities. 

“With the integration of digital credentials into our IT Pro Challenges, learners can now digitally validate the skills they demonstrate through our challenges and receive tangible benefits of their hard work to encourage them to continue their learning,” said Corey Hynes, CEO of Learn on Demand Systems. “Our partners know that digital credentials can be a powerful way to engage and motivate learning, while capturing critical data that enables organisations to quantify and close skills gaps.” 

By creating a digital record of skills and accomplishments, Credly enables employers to track and understand where skills exist across the enterprise and identify the gaps in real time. 

“As technology transforms nearly every facet of the labour market, IT professionals are under constant pressure to demonstrate mastery of new skills in order to remain competitive,” said Jonathan Finkelstein, CEO of Credly. “Learn on Demand Systems’ digital credentials foster a seamless transition from skill development to workforce recognition, allowing employers to better identify talent and giving professionals a secure, portable and trusted means to communicate what they know and can do.” 

Learn on Demand Systems is exhibiting at Microsoft Inspire at booth #1413. 

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