Lockheed Martin and Microsoft to develop national security technology

Lockheed Martin and Microsoft to develop national security technology

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Agreement will bring cloud, AI and 5G to the Department of Defense

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Defence contractor Lockheed Martin and Microsoft have expanded their partnership to drive the development of new technologies for national security. 

The agreement will focus on bringing solutions in four key areas to the US Department of Defense. These are: classified cloud innovations; artificial intelligence, machine learning (ML), modelling and simulation capabilities; 5G.MIL programs; and digital transformation. 

“Through this historic agreement, Lockheed Martin and Microsoft are blazing a new path in classified cloud, AI, and 5G.MIL capabilities for the Department of Defense,” said Yvonne Hodge, chief information officer, Lockheed Martin. “We are creating faster, safer, and more affordable 21st Century Security solutions that infuse immersive experiences and other advanced commercial technologies into the most capable defence systems. We are confident this unrivalled combination of capabilities will help keep our customers ahead of new threats and challenges.”

As part of their work in classified cloud innovations, Lockheed Martin will become the first non-government entity to independently operate inside the Microsoft Azure Government Secret cloud. It will enable Lockheed Martin to modernise its legacy on-premises classified systems, improve cybersecurity reporting and compliance monitoring, provide governance at scale, and more. 

The focus on AI, ML, modelling and simulation capabilities will also enable Lockheed Martin and its customers to test military platforms and technologies on a digital platform. This could cut costs and minimise risk to service members by providing a digital alternative for some military exercises.

“Our national security leaders need an unassailable information advantage, which is why we’re bringing the power of the hyperscale cloud to accelerate their national security missions,” said Jason Zander, executive vice president of strategic missions and technologies at Microsoft. “In partnership with Lockheed Martin, we’re demonstrating how the defence industrial base can bring classified data into the cloud securely while bringing advanced 5G connectivity, critical data processing and analysis, and immersive experiences to the edge to support decision-making where it’s needed, when it’s needed. Lockheed Martin is a valued partner in this effort, and we’ll continue to innovate and explore the art of the possible to support national security.”

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