Microsoft acquires supplier spend insight provider Suplari

Microsoft acquires supplier spend insight provider Suplari

The Suplari Spend Intelligence Cloud and Dynamics 365 will enable users to automatically analyse data

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft has acquired Suplari, a provider of supplier spend insights, to expand its business insight offering for finance and procurement teams.

Suplari’s Spend Intelligence Cloud brings together data from multiple sources, such as contracts, purchase orders, invoices and expenses, to produce automated insights and predictive actions for managing supplier spend. The platform will be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, with artificial intelligence (AI) automating the analysis of current data and historical patterns from multiple data sources.

“Microsoft is committed to helping customers transform data into immediate action and now with Suplari’s AI-powered library of over 175 insights, teams are empowered to manage demand, spend, and cash flow on a daily basis,” said Frank Weigel, vice president of the Dynamics 365 Insights Product Group at Microsoft. “Customers can have a shared view of supplier spend everyone can use regardless of skill level. The simple, intuitive, and interactive user experience provides a single source of truth and insights for all users.”

The Suplari Spend Intelligence Cloud will remain in market with no change for existing customers.

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