Microsoft adds Preservica’s Enterprise Private Cloud to Azure

Microsoft adds Preservica’s Enterprise Private Cloud to Azure
Combined solution enables customers to protect and future-proof critical long-term data

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft has added the Enterprise Private Cloud solution from digital preservation software provider Preservica to the Azure cloud platform. The combined solution enables customers to protect and future-proof critical long-term data. 

The Enterprise Private Cloud for is designed for organisations with strict regulatory, privacy and security requirements. It is managed by Preservica and can be deployed in a private Azure network to give customers a way to extract value, reduce compliance risk and leverage insights for competitive advantage.

“Microsoft Azure is driving new levels of organisational productivity and intelligent data-driven experiences, making it an ideal platform for Preservica’s vision for artificial intelligence (AI) enabled active digital preservation,” said Paul Veck, AI Partner Development at Microsoft. “The powerful combination of Preservica’s proven enterprise-grade technology with Azure empowers organisations to protect and extract value from critical long-term digital assets.”

The platform includes application programming interfaces for integration with other content services platforms and uses Microsoft’s AI and machine learning services for facial recognition, audio-visual transcription, sentiment analysis and more. 

Preservica has also released an automated archiving and digital preservation offering for Microsoft SharePoint environments in enterprise. The new SharePoint connector allows users to automatically transfer long-term content from SharePoint to Preservica’s digital preservation platform, enabling organisations to streamline the governance of critical long-term content, improve cost efficiency and ensure compliance. 

“We are delighted to work with Microsoft to make Preservica Enterprise Private Cloud available on the Azure platform,” said Jon Tilbury, chief technology officer and head of Innovation at Preservica.  “The combination provides enterprise customers with a highly secure and durable global platform for future-proofing critical digital assets over decades. It also opens up new possibilities to leverage Microsoft AI and machine earning services to enrich and classify long-term digital information for competitive advantage.”  

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