Microsoft and EY are helping firms achieve optimal performance

Microsoft and EY are helping firms achieve optimal performance

EY believes smart factories will develop more quickly as the cloud becomes more accessible

Elly Yates-Roberts |

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Smart factory momentum is set to accelerate as the cloud enables companies to leverage increasingly advanced technologies, according to EY. 

“As digital disruption cuts deeper and becomes more pervasive, the pressure on manufacturers to achieve and sustain higher levels of performance continues to intensify,” says Craig Lyjak, global smart factory leader at EY. “The digital technologies that hold tremendous potential for manufacturers are now increasingly within reach of more companies because their costs have declined significantly, largely thanks to the cloud.”

For example, by leveraging the EY Smart Factory solution production system, one US-based company was able to save US$200 million, improve overall equipment effectiveness by 14% and eliminate six million production steps within the first year of implementation. The solution is deployed on the EY Catalyst Smart Deployment Console. 

“As Microsoft Dynamics’ integration with smart factory processes and technologies grows, it will become an indispensable tool that can help manufacturers more easily and confidently deploy next-generation applications that infuse artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, mixed reality, social and mobile capabilities,” says Lyjak.

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