Microsoft and Nuance reduce healthcare burnout with DAX Express

Microsoft and Nuance reduce healthcare burnout with DAX Express


New solution uses AI and natural language capabilities in Microsoft Azure to draft clinical notes during appointments so that physicians can focus on patient engagement

Alice Chambers |

Microsoft and Nuance have introduced a new solution – Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) Express – that automates clinical documentation to reduce workforce burnout, support specialty workflows, improve access to care and enhance patient engagement.  

As an extension to Nuance’s 2020 DAX solution, DAX Express uses OpenAI’s conversational artificial intelligence and natural language capabilities within Microsoft Azure to automatically and securely draft clinical notes in seconds, which are available immediately for clinical review and completion after patient appointments.

“Physicians and nurses must navigate complicated coding and billing requirements, manage the cognitive burden to accurately record and recall increasing amounts of patient data, and treat an ageing and growing population,” said Tom McGuinness, corporate vice president of global healthcare and life sciences at Microsoft, and Diana Nole, executive vice president and health general manager at Nuance, in a recent Microsoft blog post. “Together, we are combining the power of Microsoft Azure, a deeply rich health data platform, and robust engineering and AI expertise to deliver outcomes-focused healthcare applications at scale to improve provider and patient experiences.”

DAX Express is the result of an extensive partnership between Microsoft and Nuance, which aims to use AI to empower clinicians, provide personalised patient experiences and reduce costs, administrative tasks and cognitive burdens for healthcare providers.

“Nuance and Microsoft came together with the goal of helping to digitally transform healthcare, and today we are marking the next step forward in the ongoing evolution of AI-powered solutions for overburdened care providers,” said Mark Benjamin, CEO of Nuance. “Our blend of conversational, ambient, and generative AI will accelerate the advancement of the care delivery ecosystem beyond what Nuance or Microsoft could have achieved separately – expanding our comprehensive portfolio of solutions that fulfill our vision to improve care quality and support enhanced outcomes for generations to come.”

DAX Express will be available in private preview in mid-2023.

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