Microsoft and Telkomsel to cultivate Indonesia’s digital landscape

Microsoft and Telkomsel to cultivate Indonesia’s digital landscape
Collaboration will give rural regions access to enhanced connectivity via cloud edge computing

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Wireless network provider Telkomsel has partnered with Microsoft in a bid to cultivate Indonesia’s digital landscape and bring enhanced connectivity to rural and outlying regions through cloud edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things and other digital technologies.  

The partnership leverages Telkomsel’s long-term evolution (LTE) network offerings and upcoming 5G network to create a more widespread network infrastructure and offer lower latency between devices and the cloud. 

“Through this partnership, Microsoft and Telkomsel are set to bring together the capabilities and resources of both companies to expand business relationships and achieve our shared goals,” said Haris Izmee, president director at Microsoft Indonesia. “In accordance with Microsoft’s focus on digital transformation, we are collaborating to establish a pilot project on top of Telkomsel’s Private LTE infrastructure with the implementation of Azure Stack Edge to support customers in remote areas who need internet connectivity and AI solutions.”  

Microsoft will prepare development programmes, provide sales resources and help Telkomsel improve its sales capabilities to strengthen its position in the enterprise segment. 

“Telkomsel is excited to collaborate with Microsoft,” said Setyanto Hantoro, CEO of Telkomsel. “The collaboration is in line with our commitment to accelerating the nation by ensuring equal network deployment and seamless access to the latest digital technology across Indonesia. We hope the collaboration between Telkomsel and Microsoft will improve competitiveness and quality of life in Indonesia while enhancing business performance through the implementation of an integrated digital technology.” 

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