Microsoft backs AI start-ups with Station F partnership

Microsoft backs AI start-ups with Station F partnership
The collaboration involves setting up an AI programme at the start-up campus in Paris

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Microsoft has confirmed that it is working with Paris-based Station F, one of the biggest start-up campuses in the world, to launch an on-site artificial intelligence (AI) programme.

The aim is to help start-ups develop AI projects, and Microsoft will work alongside AI research specialist Inria to make this happen. Together they will offer businesses scientific, technological and business expertise.

To begin with, Microsoft has said that it will welcome five start-ups into a year-long programme, chosen for their maturity in terms of funding and business development, and for their ambition to grow AI in France and beyond., a collaborative platform for creating bots, has already been selected to join the programme.

“Looking ahead, within a year we hope to connect 100 more start-ups to researchers, developers, experts, technical coaches, investors and business partners, connecting them to conscientious mentors and significant opportunities to grow,” said Jean-Philippe Courtois, EVP and president of Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing and Operations. “I firmly believe that AI will play a major role in tackling some of the big global challenges we currently face in healthcare, farming, environment and education. It’s relevant to businesses, governments and individuals in all countries. By helping a new wave of AI-led companies to expand internationally, we further democratise AI and help bring its benefits to more people.”

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