Microsoft backs SilverBridge’s insurance solution Exergy

Microsoft backs SilverBridge’s insurance solution Exergy
As a result of their long-standing relationship, the solution is now Microsoft Prioritised Co-Sell Ready

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft is backing SilverBridge’s insurance enterprise platform Exergy by making it a Microsoft Prioritised Co-Sell Ready solution. As such, Microsoft will incentivise its own sales teams to sell Exergy.

“The company has always built specialised solutions for insurers and delivered a unique set of services to its customers. Historically, this has seen our policy administration solution, Exergy being deployed on-premises using customer infrastructure,” said Lee Kuyper, chief operations officer at SilverBridge.

This has seen SilverBridge working closely with Microsoft to re-architect its solutions for the cloud. In 2016, the firm moved its first customer to the Microsoft Azure cloud, just as Microsoft was transforming its own business model to a cloud consumption business.

“We are excited with these partnership developments, with Microsoft backing SilverBridge as a leading solutions provider in the insurance industry,” said Kuyper. “This puts us in a great position to assist our clients in getting value from the cloud in their businesses. SilverBridge is in a position to continue, with Microsoft, to bring solutions to the insurance industry which not only benefit from SilverBridge’s industry specific experience and expertise, but also Microsoft’s leading technology.”

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