Microsoft Brazil to participate in Autism Tech 2022 event

Microsoft Brazil to participate in Autism Tech 2022 event


Firm will pair neurodiversity experts with hackathon contestant to create inclusive solutions

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft will participate in social impact event Autism Tech 2022 on 14-24 September 2022. The firm will pair neurodiversity experts with contestants at the event’s hackathon to drive the development of more inclusive solutions. 

Mentors will include Danni Mnitentag, diversity and inclusion leader at Microsoft; Glaucia Rosalen, chief financial officer of Microsoft Brazil; and Claudia Góes, general manager of communication at Microsoft Brazil. Each has been trained in diversity and inclusion, with a focus on neurodiversity. 

“Participating in this event reinforces our commitment to contribute to the inclusion of neurodiverse people whether in their daily lives or even in the world of work, especially technology,” said Mnitentag. “It's not just a matter of playing our social role as a market-leading company at Microsoft, diversity and inclusion are paramount to the development of our business. An environment with diversity of profiles and ideas is much more likely to understand the various needs of customers and generate innovative ideas.” 

The event, held by start-up aTip, is now in its fourth year and will offer various activities such as mentoring for participants, lectures and opportunities to develop impact solutions for the autistic community. 

“Autism Tech is a super opportunity to witness diverse people from the autistic community developing amazing, impact projects for the benefit of the community,” said Caio Bogos, co-founder and CEO of aTip. “And for us at aTip, it's a source of pride to have Microsoft as a partner company for the second year in a row. This demonstrates and solidifies the importance and need to give prominence and opportunities to people in the autistic community.”  

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