Microsoft brings new Skype desktop features to Windows 10 PCs

Microsoft brings new Skype desktop features to Windows 10 PCs
Update includes an improved search function and the return of personal statuses 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft has released several new Skype desktop features for Windows 10 PCs.

Skype will now be automatically installed on users’ PCs with the latest Windows 10 update, allowing them to benefit from features such as group video calls and screen sharing.

The latest update also includes the gallery feature, which allows users to easily search for and retrieve shared content including files, links and media. Meanwhile, the new notification panel helps users catch up on reactions to messages and @mentions in group conversations. They can also update their personal status to let others know when they’re available to chat.

Microsoft has also improved Skype’s search function so it now checks all individual and group chats, allowing users to locate content quickly and easily.

Users can also take advantage of new Windows 10 features, including My People, which allows users to pin their most important contacts directly to the Windows 10 taskbar and message and share files with others in Skype. In addition, Skype in Windows Mixed Reality enables users to communicate in virtual reality using Skype.

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