Microsoft China builds smart cockpit solution for automotive vehicles

Microsoft China builds smart cockpit solution for automotive vehicles


The solution will gather data to support passengers and help developers to build AI models

Alice Chambers |

Microsoft China has built a smart cockpit solution to improve the safety, efficiency and development of automotive vehicles.

Revealed at the 2022 World New Energy Vehicle Conference in Beijing, China, the smart cockpit will become a new contact point for users to communicate with car manufacturers and will be built with an intelligent voice dialogue solution that will support more than 70 languages and recognise over 140 regional dialects. The solution will also be able to identify the speaker’s emotions and be used in a variety of vehicles.  

Developers will also use the end-to-end autonomous driving support solution to analyse, train and simulate data to build artificial intelligence models for smart vehicles. Vehicle data will also be gathered from the global internet of vehicles.

In addition, Microsoft is enhancing its security capabilities and compliance certification system to accelerate the deployment of smart cars across the world. Microsoft’s cloud services, tools and ecosystems, for example, will help companies to further the development of smart transportation by integrating smart technology into the side of the car to improve its perception and computing capabilities.

“China is the world's largest automobile producer, with the world’s largest automobile market,” said Dr Hou Yang, senior vice president of Microsoft, and chairman and CEO of Microsoft Greater China. “The vigorous development of the digital economy has brought new opportunities for the intelligent transformation of the Chinese auto-industry and will help more Chinese auto companies enter a new stage of globalisation. Microsoft continues to deeply cultivate the automotive industry and supports the digital transformation of the automotive industry by offering its intelligent cloud and edge services.”

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