Microsoft delivers new features in Azure for cloud and edge computing

Microsoft delivers new features in Azure for cloud and edge computing
Move gives developers advanced capabilities using AI, mixed reality, IoT and blockchain

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft is delivering new features in Azure for cloud and edge that give developers advanced capabilities covering artificial intelligence (AI), mixed reality, internet of things (IoT) and blockchain.

Microsoft has added to its Azure Cognitive Services offering with the new ‘Decision’ and Personalizer which give users specific recommendations to make more informed decisions. 

The firm is also bringing AI to Azure Search, making the cognitive search capability generally available and enabling customers to apply Cognitive Services algorithms to extract new insights from their content. 

“It’s an incredible time to be a developer,” said Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Cloud and AI at Microsoft. “From building AI and mixed reality into apps to leveraging blockchain for solving commercial business problems, developers’ skillsets and impact are growing rapidly. Today we’re delivering innovative Azure services for developers to build the next generation of apps. With 95% of Fortune 500 customers running on Azure, these innovations can have far-reaching impact.”

There are several other new features in Azure Machine Learning, Azure SQL Database Edge and Azure Blockchain Service, with advancements also covering HoloLens 2 and Unreal Engine 4. 

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