Microsoft democratises access to AI with general availability of Azure OpenAI Service

Microsoft democratises access to AI with general availability of Azure OpenAI Service


Launch will enable businesses to use AI models with the enterprise-grade security, reliability and compliance capabilities of Microsoft Azure

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft has made its Azure OpenAI Service generally available as part of its commitment to democratising access to artificial intelligence and partnership with AI research firm OpenAI.

According to Eric Boyd, corporate vice president of AI Platform at Microsoft, the move will enable more businesses to use advanced AI models with enterprise-grade capabilities and infrastructure from Microsoft Azure to create applications.

Microsoft first launched Azure OpenAI Service in November 2021 to help businesses use large-scale generative AI models with the security, reliability, compliance and data privacy of Azure. Now, enterprises can use it to do more with less, improve experiences and streamline operational efficiencies. 

“From start-ups like Moveworks to multinational corporations like KPMG, organisations small and large are applying the capabilities of Azure OpenAI Service to advanced use cases such as customer support, customisation, and gaining insights from data using search, data extraction, and classification,” said Boyd, in a recent Microsoft blog post.

With the general availability of the service, Microsoft has highlighted the importance of responsible AI innovation. It is working with OpenAI and its customers to assess use cases and address potential risks. 

“We are confident in the quality of the AI models we are using and offering customers today, and we strongly believe they will empower businesses and people to innovate in entirely new and exciting ways,” said Boyd. “The pace of innovation in the AI community is moving at lightning speed. We’re tremendously excited to be at the forefront of these advancements with our customers and look forward to helping more people benefit from them in 2023 and beyond.” 

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