Microsoft develops new AI-powered facial recognition security feature

Microsoft develops new AI-powered facial recognition security feature

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Microsoft Entra Verified ID’s new Face Check capability will help to increase user privacy and prevent fraud

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Microsoft has expanded Microsoft Entra Verified ID with a new facial recognition security feature powered by Microsoft Azure AI. 

The new Face Check technology is “a privacy-respecting facial matching feature for high-assurance verifications” which Microsoft hopes will provide a “secure and easy-to-use experience for digitally verifying many aspects of our identity”, according to a blog post from Ankur Patel, head of product for Microsoft Entra Verified ID. 

Screenshot of Microsoft Entra Verified ID

The new Face Check technology requires users to take a selfie, which is then matched to the photo from their identity document, such as a passport or driver’s license. Face Check provides an additional layer of trust, which Microsoft hopes will be particularly useful in workplace and education settings.  

“As fraud skyrockets for businesses and consumers, and fraud tactics become increasingly complex, especially with advancements in generative artificial intelligence, identity verification has never been more important,” said Patel. “Hundreds of organisations rely on Verified ID to remotely onboard new users, as well as reduce fraud when providing self-service recovery. By sharing only the match results and not any sensitive identity data, Face Check improves user privacy while allowing organisations to be sure the person claiming an identity is really them.” 

Read more about Face Check and watch a tutorial on the Microsoft website

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