Microsoft enhances features within Cloud App Security

Microsoft enhances features within Cloud App Security
New auto-remediation feature allows users to counter threat and suspicious behaviour

Toby Ingleton |

Microsoft’s Cloud App Security team has introduced a new auto-remediation feature to help counter suspicious activity and threat.

Once a suspicious activity is identified within the Cloud App Security portal, users can now initiate an auto-remediation action which logs off users and requires them to sign in to Office 365 again. This is also the case for apps accessed via Azure Active Directory.

The new security capability within the Cloud App allows for admin to revoke sessions of compromised accounts and better counter threat. Users will now be better placed to respond to anomalous behaviour and react to a potential account takeover when an attacker gains unauthorised access.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Azure Log Analytics service is rolling out an upgrade to existing customers. This will provide enhanced search, analytics and insight capabilities.

Users can take advantage of an interactive query language and an advanced analytics portal. This is powered by a highly scalable data store resembling Azure Application Insights, and enables consistent monitoring for IT operations and developers.

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