Microsoft expands its security services to prevent cyberattacks

Microsoft expands its security services to prevent cyberattacks


The three new products will map digital environments to monitor and protect against threats

Alice Chambers |

Microsoft is expanding its security services with three new products – Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence, Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management and Microsoft Sentinel solution for systems, applications and products (SAP) – to help organisations prevent cybersecurity attacks.

Defender Threat Intelligence allows customers to map their digital environment so that they can view their organisation from the perspective of an attacker to enable them to predict and protect against malicious activity. The solution’s processes are overseen by the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) and Microsoft 365 Defender security research teams. Companies can use the product’s detection capabilities of Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender products to combat cyber risks.

Meanwhile, Defender External Attack Surface Management scans the internet and builds a catalogue of an organisation’s IT environment. It continually monitors the environment, allowing users to prioritise new vulnerabilities in their defence systems.

“Today, any device connected to the internet is susceptible to vulnerabilities,” said Vasu Jakkal, corporate vice president of security, compliance, identity and management at Microsoft. “For organisations, the key to building resilience is understanding the gaps that can lead to these vulnerabilities. These new threat intelligence offerings expand our growing security portfolio, offer deeper insights into threat actors and their behaviours and help security teams accelerate identification and prioritisation of risks.”

Microsoft continuously enhances its threat intelligence capabilities to track, anticipate and act on cyberattacks. For example, Microsoft has also revealed a new Sentinel solution for SAP that will also help to monitor, detect and respond to threats.

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