Microsoft launches first AI residency programme in the UK

Microsoft launches first AI residency programme in the UK
Graduates will work alongside world-leading experts to solve real-world problems

Elly Yates-Roberts |

The first artificial intelligence (AI) residency programme outside of the US is to be launched in the UK by Microsoft.

The company is inviting graduates with an interest in AI and machine learning to apply for the one-year programme where they will work alongside world-leading experts to solve real-world problems.

“Advances in AI can be applied to address some of the world’s biggest challenges, and so we are keen to nurture the next generation of talent, so they are better prepared to innovate and contribute to multiple areas of AI, including machine learning, planning and decision making,” said Chris Bishop, laboratory director at Microsoft Research, Cambridge.

“The residency programme will give participants hands-on experience working alongside Microsoft researchers, engineers, and product teams, learning how to develop and deploy AI techniques and solutions at scale across a range of areas, such as healthcare, scientific discovery, productivity, and gaming. By the end of the programme, residents will have gained significant applied experience in AI and will be encouraged to apply for a regular position at Microsoft.”

This announcement comes following last week’s World Economic Forum meeting, where UK Prime Minister Theresa May outlined the importance of AI. “We are establishing the UK as a world leader in AI,” she said. “I believe we have only just seen the beginning of what AI can achieve.

“Imagine a world in which self-driving cars radically reduce the number of deaths on our roads. Imagine a world where remote monitoring and inspection of critical infrastructure makes dangerous jobs safer. Imagine a world where we can predict and prevent the spread of diseases around the globe. These are the kinds of advances that we could see and that we should want to see.”

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