Microsoft launches Surface Hub 2S for enhanced business collaboration

Microsoft launches Surface Hub 2S for enhanced business collaboration
Device uses Windows 10, Teams, Office 365, Whiteboard and the cloud to improve team productivity

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft recently launched its new Surface Hub 2S to help organisations get the most out of employee collaboration. The device uses Windows 10, Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Microsoft Whiteboard and the cloud to increase productivity in teamwork. 

With workforces increasingly spread out in this current post-digital era, organisations need to be able to communicate effectively with each member of their team, without worrying about network connections, getting to a conference centre and average camera quality. Microsoft has launched the Surface Hub 2S to solve all of these issues and more, according to a recent Microsoft blogpost by Panos Panay, chief product officer of Microsoft Devices. 

The new device is 60% thinner and 40% lighter than its predecessor, allowing it to easily fit into any space. The 4k+ 50-inch display also enables users to co-create with a pen and touch experience, as well as offering 50% faster graphics than the original Surface Hub. 

According to Panay, the Surface Hub 2S aims to reinvent the shared conference screen, transforming it into a mobile computer, built for teams. “When paired with the Steelcase Roam Mobile Stand and APC Charge Mobile Battery, Surface Hub 2S creates a mobile collaboration experience that frees teams from the conference room and allows your ideas to be as mobile as you are – no AC power connectivity required,” said Panay. 

p>The device also aims to streamline the conference call process and improve the flow so that users can stay engaged with the content. “With built-in Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business integration, you can start meetings instantly with one touch,” said Panay. “The large true-to-life screen, enhanced 4K camera, crystal clear speakers and far-field mic arrays help everyone on the team – local or remote – see and engage with the meeting content and each other, making it feel almost like everyone is in the same room together.”

Surface Hub 2S integrates with Office 365 to enable users to quickly and easily access relevant content, run necessary Microsoft and business applications and interact with Surface Hub 2 Pen and touch. The built-in Microsoft Whiteboard also allows people to collaborate on a shared digital canvas from most devices.

The Surface Hub 2S will be available soon after June 2019. 

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