Microsoft Mesh to be available for public preview in October 2023

Microsoft Mesh to be available for public preview in October 2023


The solution offers a customisable and interactive 3D space to host virtual meetings

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Microsoft Mesh, a three-dimensional virtual meeting experience, will be available for public preview in October 2023.

The solution allows Microsoft Teams users to host and join meetings within a 3D virtual space using custom avatars to create a customisable and immersive experience.

“Digital engagement is evolving from audio to video, and now to spatial interaction,” said Nicole Herskowitz, vice president of Microsoft Teams at Microsoft in a blog post on the organisation’s website. “Spatial awareness through directionality and distance enables multiple small group discussions in the same place, adding familiar human elements to digital connections. Spending time in the same 3D environment also creates a powerful sense of togetherness, or co-presence, even without actively speaking.”

There are a selection of 3D environments available to choose from to fit the needs of the meeting, and users will be able to create custom spaces using either a no-code editor or the Mesh Toolkit, which leverages development platform Unity. Event hosts will be able to customise with images, video and screen share on a 3D canvas.

Microsoft Mesh also features built-in interactive games and activities to boost team bonding, with users being able to roast virtual marshmallows, throw beanbags, answer icebreaker questions and more.

Microsoft Mesh screenshot


Users will we able to use Microsoft Mesh with PC and Meta Quest virtual reality devices, with hopes to extend the solution to mobile, tablets, and mixed reality devices.

A selection of Microsoft partners and customers have previously been using Microsoft Mesh in private preview including Takeda, Accenture, DXC Technology, PwC, Telefonica and the World Economic Forum.

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