Microsoft selects Vox as Azure Data Centre Migration partner

Microsoft selects Vox as Azure Data Centre Migration partner

ICT and telecom company adds to its cloud solution provider status

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft has selected Vox, an ICT and telecoms company, as an Azure Data Centre Migration partner. This adds to Vox’s cloud solution provider (CSP) status and extends its existing solution that helps customers looking to migrate to the cloud. 

“Becoming a Microsoft partner is a rigorous process and a significant investment in training and certification… [meaning] customers can be assured of best of breed skills and resources,” said Craig Freer, executive head of Cloud and Managed Services at Vox.

 “Business[es] that have implemented cloud computing are already experiencing improvements in their operational efficiencies and flexibility. This in turn has resulted in cuts in their operational costs. To realise these results however, these businesses have had to partner with suppliers who have the deep technical skills to ensure that the transition to cloud is not only seamless but also delivers real value. Vox is such a partner,” says Dean Erasmus, Microsoft Azure business lead for Africa.

Vox also launched the Cloud Assessment Audit, a method of meeting the growing demand for cloud migration and ensuring a smooth transition, according to Freer. The audit looks at the technologies already in place in a business, with a full view of the IT ecosystem and all its dependencies. He added that a vision for how the cloud can future-proof the business and what the business needs is a more critical issue. 


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