Microsoft teams up with ChangeX for social projects in Madrid

Microsoft teams up with ChangeX for social projects in Madrid

The collaboration will develop digital skills as part of the Microsoft Community Empowerment scheme

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft is working with social development organisation ChangeX to help it support communities in Madrid, Spain, with digital and sustainable skills.

In May 2022, Microsoft announced that it will open three data centres in the communities of Algete, Meco and San Sebastián de los Reyes in Madrid as part of the Microsoft Community Empowerment programme.

Microsoft will support up to 20 teams to start new social projects, related to existing ones that are already successful including Repair Café, which acts as a meeting place for people to find tools, materials and help to repair clothes, furniture and appliances. Other projects will include First LEGO League, which is an educational programme that allows students to develop skills related to technology, engineering and mathematics in a fun way; Murals for Communities, which develops artistic talents in the area; and Open Orchard, which involves planting fruit trees in public places.

Local groups can apply for funding for one of the above catalogued projects and will have 30 days to design a small team and work plan to receive between €1,500 and €5,000.

“It is exciting to bring the Citizen Challenge model developed by ChangeX to the Community of Madrid for the first time,” said Carlos de la Iglesia, director of corporate development at Microsoft. “We've seen the great results you've had elsewhere, so we know you can help people give back to your community. Microsoft is committed to the Community of Madrid and its citizens, and we are looking forward to supporting a wide variety of projects with an impact through this line of financing.”

Working in collaboration with Microsoft has enabled ChangeX to fund more than 300 teams in Europe and USA to develop projects that improve the personal development of individuals in local communities.

Find out more about funding for community projects in Madrid.

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