Microsoft technology supports GHD on digital transformation journey

Microsoft technology supports GHD on digital transformation journey
Having deployed Teams in under a week, GHD has modernised communication between staff

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Professional services company GHD has been working with Microsoft to accelerate its digital transformation journey through better collaboration and communication between employees. 

With Microsoft 365 as its core productivity platform, GHD had already migrated mailboxes to the cloud and was planning to deploy Teams across the enterprise by mid-2020. However, with the swift impact of Covid-19, GHD was able to migrate over 10,000 of its employees to the collaboration platform in under a week. 

“We had commenced work on this digital transformation and had the Office 365 foundations in place,” said Elizabeth Harper, chief information officer of GHD, in a recent Microsoft news story about the partnership. “As Covid-19 emerged, we initially compressed our deployment plan from a few months to a few weeks, but in those early days of Covid-19, things were rapidly changing. We effectively deployed Teams to our 10,000 people overnight so we could enable them to continue to support their clients – but most importantly, stay safe and well.”

GHD has also been using Teams as a crisis management platform to communicate and make decisions rapidly.

“Under normal circumstances we would have deployed Teams much more slowly,” said Harper. “But these are not normal circumstances and what this has proven is that Teams can be deployed fast, it will be adopted quickly and it does deliver rapid benefits across the organisation allowing us to ensure business continuity and deliver exceptional value for clients.” 

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