Microsoft to be US team’s cloud computing supplier for 2018 Ryder Cup

Microsoft to be US team’s cloud computing supplier for 2018 Ryder Cup
Scouts Consulting Group will benefit from data visualisation and machine-learning methods

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Sports organisation PGA of America has confirmed that Microsoft will be the official cloud computing supplier for the US team during the 2018 Ryder Cup, which will take place between 28-30 September 2018 at Le Golf National in Paris, France.

Microsoft will assist Scouts Consulting Group, Ryder Cup US’s official research and analytics partner, by providing various data, visualisation and machine-learning methods.

“Microsoft is excited to share our technology with Ryder Cup US to digitise its strategy,” said Chris Weber, corporate vice president at Microsoft. “We understand that the margin at the Ryder Cup is remarkably narrow and a single intelligent decision can be decisive.”

The focus will be for Microsoft to enhance the US Ryder Cup team’s decision-making process, with an emphasis on developing solutions to help visualise player data, deliver real-time statistics and provide relevant information to enhance the team’s familiarity with Le Golf National course.

“In the current ‘Moneyball’ era of sports, analytics are increasingly important, and the marriage between golf and data is no exception,” said Jeff Price, chief commercial officer of the PGA of America. “This relationship with Microsoft ensures that the US Ryder Cup Team has everything it needs in real time, whether it be in America or Paris in late September.”

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