Microsoft to begin Women in Innovation Marathon on 12 May

Microsoft to begin Women in Innovation Marathon on 12 May

Up to 5,000 women who are interested in professional training in technology will be able to participate in the initiative  

The Brazil-based programme will train 5,000 women about programming, data science and more 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft and NGO WoMakersCode will host the first edition of the Women in Innovation Marathon on 12 and 14 May 2022. 

The aim of the training programme is to inspire cisgender and transgender women who wish to pursue careers in the technology industry. Up to 5,000 women from Brazil will be able to join the programme for free and benefit from participating in Microsoft-led lectures, panel discussions, collaborative activities and individual mentoring sessions. 

Attendees will learn about programming, data science, artificial intelligence, people management, project management, how to analyse and define digital product metrics, and more. They will also undergo training to improve their employability in the technology sector. 

Speakers will include Danielle Monteiro, cloud solutions architect at Microsoft Brazil, and Glaucia Lemos, cloud advocate at Microsoft Brazil. 

All sessions will be available online in partnership with MaisMulheres.Tech, which aims to provide 100,000 women across Brazil with digital skills. The platform already has 39,000 students and is part of Microsoft Mais Brasil, which launched in October 2020 to expand Microsoft’s long-term commitment to the country.  

In addition to training, all participants will have access to Conecta+, a professional qualification programme and connection with opportunities in the job market, which is also part of Microsoft Mais Brasil.  

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