Microsoft to deliver direct access to Oracle cloud services via Microsoft Azure

Microsoft to deliver direct access to Oracle cloud services via Microsoft Azure

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Microsoft’s chairman and CEO Satya Nadella announced the partnership with Larry Ellison, chairman of the board and chief technology officer at Oracle, on 14 September

Partnership will provide a “fully integrated experience for deploying, managing and using Oracle cloud database instances within Azure”

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Cloud providers Oracle and Microsoft have partnered to co-locate a portion of Oracle’s infrastructure in Microsoft Azure.

The new service, called Oracle Database@Azure, will provide customers with direct access to Oracle database services running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and deployed in Azure data centres. Oracle Database@Azure will deliver a “fully integrated experience for deploying, managing and using Oracle database instances within Azure,” according to the Microsoft press release. “It enables organisations to drive breakthroughs in the cloud using their existing skills to leverage both Oracle and Microsoft capabilities directly within the Azure portal.”

Oracle Database@Azure is designed to eliminate the challenges of adopting multi-cloud architectures, such as disjointed management, siloed tools and complex purchasing processes.

“Most customers already use multiple clouds,” said Larry Ellison, chairman and chief technology officer at Oracle. “Microsoft and Oracle have been working together to make it easy for those customers to seamlessly connect Azure Services with the very latest Oracle Database technology. By collocating Oracle Exadata hardware in Azure data centres, customers will experience the best possible database and network performance. We are proud to partner with Microsoft to deliver this best-in-class capability to customers.”

Oracle Database@Azure will support a range of Oracle’s existing database services including Oracle Exadata Database services, Oracle Autonomous Database services and Oracle Real Application Clusters.

Microsoft-Oracle screenshot

Customers can locate Oracle Database@Azure in the Azure portal the same way they find other Azure services, according to Microsoft (image credit: Microsoft)

As a result of this partnership, customers will be able to choose to deploy their Azure services with their fully managed Oracle Database services within a single data centre.

“We have a real opportunity to help organisations bring their mission-critical applications to the cloud so they can transform every part of their business with this next generation of AI,” said Satya Nadella, chairman and CEO of Microsoft. “Our expanded partnership with Oracle will make Microsoft Azure the only other cloud provider to run Oracle’s database services and help our customers unlock a new wave of cloud-powered innovation.”

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