Microsoft to improve Mexico’s security with Network for Cybersecurity

Microsoft to improve Mexico’s security with Network for Cybersecurity

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Collaboration will train 8,000 people to enhance workforce skilling against IT threats

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft and the Network for Cybersecurity have partnered to strengthen Mexico’s IT security landscape. By March 2023, the collaboration aims to train 8,000 people to minimise workforce shortages against IT threats. 

The partnership builds on the firms’ existing work as part of the Operation Aleph programme, a training initiative to mitigate vulnerabilities and develop cybersecurity strategies, delivered via Microsoft Teams. 

“Operation Aleph seeks to develop capabilities in cybersecurity issues,” said Kimberly González, project leader of the Network for Cybersecurity. “From the personal side, it helps us prevent fraud, recognise false information and protect our data. In the technical field, it allows companies, organisations and governments to develop good practices for data protection and risk prevention.” 

The programme follows three lines of training: cybersecurity at work, where people learn about the main risks and protection measures in the use of technology and internet at work; security fundamentals, which allow IT professionals to learn about major attacks, identity management, and Microsoft tools; and security technologies in Azure, where participants can learn about protection and monitoring measures in the cloud with Azure.

Microsoft and the Network for Cybersecurity also extending their collaboration to reduce gender inequalities in the industry by creating a community of professional women to collaborate, share knowledge, establish contacts and mentor. 

“Cybersecurity is part of our daily lives,” said Lupina Loperena, director of philanthropy at Microsoft Mexico. “Using technology safely and responsibly prevents loss of information, fraud, among other situations. Operation Aleph trains technology specialists and any individual interested in pursuing a career in this field, which grows in proportion to the digitalisation of society.” 

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