Microsoft to update the Office 365 user experience

Microsoft to update the Office 365 user experience
Changes are inspired by the new culture of work and will be introduced over the next few months 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft has revealed that it will be updating the Office 365 user experience over the next few months, implementing a series of changes to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

“When we ask customers why they continue to choose Office for their most important work, they tell us that they love the power the Office apps offer,” said Jared Spataro, corporate vice president for Office and Windows Marketing, in a recent blog post. “The breadth and depth of features is unmatched in the industry and allows them to do things that they just can’t do with other products. But they also tell us that they need Office to adapt to the changing environment, and they’d love us to simplify the user experience and make that power more accessible.”

One of the biggest changes will be a new, updated version of the ribbon which will help users focus on their work and collaborate with others. There will also be new colours and icons and much better AI-enabled search functionality.

“The search function will become a much more important element of the user experience, providing access to commands, content, and people,” Spataro said. “Simply placing your cursor in the search box will bring up recommendations powered by AI and the Microsoft Graph.”

Microsoft is refining the changes over the coming weeks, working with customers to ensure success. “Technology is changing the way people get things done at work, at school, and at home, resetting expectations for productivity,” Spataro said. “Inspired by these changes, these updates are designed to deliver a balance of power and simplicity. But what’s most exciting for us is that over the next few months we’ll be co-creating and refining these new experiences with our customers—and making the power of Office more accessible for everyone.”

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