Microsoft transforms staff experience at Lloyds Banking Group

Microsoft transforms staff experience at Lloyds Banking Group
The British bank is using Microsoft technology to create a modern digital workplace

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft and UK-based Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) have partnered to transform the bank’s staff experience by creating a modern digital workplace. 

LBG will begin using Microsoft Managed Desktop, Windows 10 and an advanced device solution which supports currency management as part of its US$3.9 million technology investment. The bank will also use Microsoft Azure to increase business agility and scalability.

“As part of our digital transformation we’re creating a modern digital workplace and I am really excited about the impact of this new technology,” said John Chambers, group chief information officer at LBG. “A core principle of Microsoft Managed Desktop is the idea that an evolved approach can give colleagues fantastic experiences on workplace devices that stay current and secure with Microsoft 365. We are confident that prioritising a modern and enjoyable workspace will significantly improve our colleague experience.”

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