New AVEVA Advanced Analytics solution to optimise production efficiency

New AVEVA Advanced Analytics solution to optimise production efficiency


AVEVA Advanced Analytics is designed to maximise production efficiency for businesses

Product provides manufacturers with predictive insights and prescriptive actions to improve production efficiency and reduce waste

Alice Chambers |

AVEVA, a Microsoft Gold partner, is helping manufacturers to maximise production efficiency and analyse processes with its new cloud-based product AVEVA Advanced Analytics.

The software-as-a-service solution enables users to build no-code, artificial intelligence-driven models to understand how process deviations impact the production process. This data then generates real-time predictive and prescriptive insights to improve production efficiency and reduce waste. For example, users can rely on the data to detect finished product deviations and receive recommendations to bring processes back in line.

Plus, users can access integrated dashboards and analytics tools to view their current energy efficiency statistics and production actions. The solution will process this information and identify actions that can reduce carbon emissions, increase efficiency and reduce spending.

AVEVA Advanced Analytics

AVEVA Advanced Analytics provides access to integrated dashboards for further insights into the production process (image credit: AVEVA)

AVEVA Advance Analytics integrates with AVEVA PI System and is powered by AVEVA Data Hub so that users can collect and aggregate data from multiple sources.

“AVEVA Advanced Analytics gives you the real-time insights you need to predict quality, energy efficiency, and throughput so you can make in-the-moment decisions that benefit the bottom line,” said Petra Nieuwenhuizen, senior product marketing manager for asset performance management at AVEVA, in a blog post titled ‘AVEVA Advanced Analytics: Use our new AI-driven solutions to realize process efficiency gains’. “With AVEVA Advanced Analytics, both historical and real-time data are stored in the cloud, giving your teams access to insights anytime and anywhere.”

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