New features in Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services to focus on client experience

New features in Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services to focus on client experience


Updates will improve workflows, support customer relationships and deliver new offerings for wealth management

Amber Hickman |

New features for Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services will improve workflows, support manager-client relationships, and enhance the cloud experience. 

An extension to the banking data model for wealth management will capture new client attributes including financial goals and investment instruments specific to wealth management. This will also power the development of new applications specific to wealth management scenarios and enable Microsoft partners to plug in their own solutions.  

Another new feature is a unified client profile for wealth management. This will help foster deeper client relationships by providing managers with a better understanding of a client’s financials status, investment portfolios, financial goals and life milestones.  

There are also preview updates for customers in the USA, the UK and Australia. The first is the addition of automated workflows and a document intelligence feature that extracts key data from customer-submitted documents. The second is for intelligent appointments integration with Microsoft Teams which will enable a unique, branded end-to-end experience for meetings. 

Cloud landing zones have also been added for Microsoft Azure and Power Platform, which will speed up processes and navigation for users. 

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