New Microsoft tech to improve healthcare experience for all

New Microsoft tech to improve healthcare experience for all
Microsoft Teams, Azure Sphere and bots are enabling industry innovation 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft is continuing to strengthen its position in the healthcare industry by providing new and innovative solutions to improve the healthcare experience for medical staff, pharmaceutical companies and patients. 

The firm will make its new Bookings app available in Microsoft Teams over the next few weeks to enable care teams to schedule, manage and conduct virtual visits with remote patients via video conference. The collaboration platform will also be upgraded to allow clinicians to target messages at specific people based on shifts, and healthcare partners will be able to support security and compliance requirements with the HIPAA/HITECH assessment in Microsoft Compliance Score.

Healthcare providers can now make use of Azure Sphere, which was made generally available at the end of February. The internet of things (IoT) security solution can help create secure and personalized patient experiences through connected devices. Microsoft has also released an IoT Signals report focused on healthcare to provide insights about IoT strategies. 

Microsoft has also announced new features in Microsoft Healthcare Bot, a platform to create virtual health assistants. The system now offers built-in healthcare-specific use cases, and a triage engine called Infermedica which uses artificial intelligence to check symptoms in 17 languages. 

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