Nick Collard discusses the power of partnering with Formpipe

Nick Collard discusses the power of partnering with Formpipe

Software provider works with system integrators to ensure customers have the right solution for their requirements

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives organisations thousands of options for their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The question is, how do they know which are best for their operations?

“When an organisation is looking to choose an ERP solution, it must consider its business needs, its goals, its requirements and its future,” says Nick Collard, ERP partner manager at Formpipe. “This can be quite a daunting process as there’s a plethora of vendors and countless different industry solutions.

“This is where the value of system integrators comes in. They can sit down with the customer and really dig into their business requirements, and then present the correct solution for the business.”

Formpipe works alongside systems integrator partners to ensure they fully understand its solutions and can therefore provide the best advice to customers. One of those Formpipe solutions, available to Dynamics 365 users, is Lasernet. This document management solution allows organisations to realise the tremendous cost savings that can be achieved by streamlining printing and delivery processes for paper invoicing, e-invoicing, barcodes, labels and product cataloguing.

According to Collard, the solution “is about optimising processes and remaining competitive in what is nowadays quite a challenging environment.”

Many businesses are streamlining operations by implementing Lasernet. For example, a Nordic firm has recently deployed the solution to automate the process of printing packing slips, instead of relying on manual merging of different Excel sheets.

“The firm was also able to accommodate some of its customers’ individual requirements,” says Collard. “For example, when they are sending out quotes, they can attach references or related product information and we are able to automate that process in the back end.”

End customers like this can maximise benefits when their systems integrators have comprehensive knowledge of what’s best for them. Formpipe is focusing on helping system integrators provide their customers with the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge.

“The bottom line is that Lasernet enables our partners to realise their customer requirements with an approved, accredited and robust application,” says Collard. “Partners can minimise development, without having to customise their core business systems and be more agile in their implementation and ongoing support.

“As a partner-first organisation, we assist our partners with onboarding, training and support from a pre-sales perspective, providing demos to the end customer and working collectively to produce proof of concepts.”

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