Nuance integrates with Microsoft Teams for virtual consultations

Nuance integrates with Microsoft Teams for virtual consultations
Partnership aims to improve healthcare physician wellness and patient outcomes

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Nuance Communications has integrated its ambient clinical intelligence (ACI) solution – Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) – with Microsoft Teams to enable virtual healthcare consultations. Microsoft says that the partnership is aimed at “increasing physician wellness and providing better patient health outcomes”. 

The integration allows physicians to use DAX from their Teams workflows, so they can focus on patients while artificial intelligence (AI) documents the virtual visit in context — “creating clinical documentation that writes itself”.  The workflow combines physician-patient conversations during virtual visits in Teams, allowing physicians to focus solely on the patient, instead of taking notes. It also incorporates patient data with contextual information from the electronic health record to auto-populate a clinical note for physicians. 

The partnership is part of a broader effort to increase the adoption of ACI solutions, which Microsoft says could “improve healthcare experiences by reducing administrative workloads that lead to physician burnout”.  

“Through our strategic partnership with Nuance, we are combining the best in Nuance’s conversational AI technology with Microsoft Teams, Azure and Azure AI to accelerate and scale the development and adoption of innovative solutions that emphasise the essential and personal aspect of quality healthcare between a physician and patient,” said Gregory Moore, corporate vice president of Microsoft Health. “This important milestone and the integration of Microsoft Teams within the Nuance DAX solution will empower frontline care providers to positively transform the patient care experience.”

Read more about the integration on the Microsoft website

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