NVIDIA and Microsoft join forces to accelerate enterprise-ready generative AI

NVIDIA and Microsoft join forces to accelerate enterprise-ready generative AI

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NVIDIA’s AI Enterprise has been integrated with Azure Machine Learning to provide a cloud platform for developers to build, deploy and manage AI applications for large language models

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NVIDIA has integrated its artificial intelligence software into Microsoft Azure Machine Learning to enable developers to train AI models faster.

The integration – which was revealed at Microsoft Build and is currently available in limited technical preview and was – will enable Azure customers to quickly build, deploy and manage customised applications with NVIDIA’s AI technology. Users will have access to NVIDIA’s frameworks, pretrained models and development tools such as NVIDIA RAPIDS, NVIDIA Metropolis and NVIDIA Triton Inference Server.

“With the coming wave of generative AI applications, enterprises are seeking secure accelerated tools and services that drive innovation,” said Manuvir Das, vice president of enterprise computing at NVIDIA. “The combination of NVIDIA AI Enterprise software and Azure Machine Learning will help enterprises speed up their AI initiatives with a straight, efficient path from development to production.”

According to NVIDIA, developers can easily scale applications while using Azure Machine Learning data encryption, access control and compliance certifications to meet security and compliance with their organisational policies requirements.

“Microsoft Azure Machine Learning users come to the platform expecting the highest performing, most secure development platform available,” said John Montgomery, corporate vice president of AI platform at Microsoft. “Our integration with NVIDIA AI Enterprise software allows us to meet that expectation, enabling enterprises and developers to easily access everything they need to train and deploy custom, secure large language models.”

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