Oliver Paterson reveals why businesses should take a synergistic approach to security

Oliver Paterson reveals why businesses should take a synergistic approach to security

VIPRE Security Group’s solutions are helping enterprises to make Microsoft Office more secure, says the firm’s product director

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According to the Microsoft Digital Defense Report 2022, if an individual falls victim to phishing, the median time it takes for an attacker to access their private data is 72 minutes. The attacker can then begin moving within the corporate network in less than two hours.

Whilst many security risks can be addressed by baseline solutions, VIPRE Security Group is looking to further enhance protection through its ‘Better Together’ campaign with Microsoft.

“The campaign is all about synergy,” says Oliver Paterson, product director at VIPRE. “It involves combining Microsoft’s technology with VIPRE’s solutions to increase protection and efficiency.”

For example, VIPRE’s SafeSend Outlook add-in can prevent email misdelivery and reduces the risk of sensitive information being shared with unintended recipients.

“SafeSend can be up and running within minutes,” says Paterson. “When someone presses send, a pop-up window prompts them to check the recipients and it flags any sensitive information. Admins can also set up specific rules for different users based on the team’s needs.”

Additionally, VIPRE’s cloud-based email archiving solution can provide additional support by storing emails with an audit trail that logs every search performed.

“It’s another Outlook add-in; when a user accesses an email it brings up a side bar with the advanced search builder,” says Paterson. “Users can quickly construct queries and it streamlines the search process. It also provides admins with a secure solution for moving large archives to the cloud.”

According to Paterson, one of the biggest cybersecurity threats is organisations underestimating the level of cybersecurity protection they have. 

“Organisations should scrutinise each part of a cybersecurity package to see if they are getting the level of protection their business requires,” he says. “While some solutions may seem comprehensive, there may be other add-ons, like the ones offered by VIPRE, that can extend protection beyond the base security package.

“We use both sandboxing and machine learning in our solutions. We also offer award-winning security awareness training. This helps minimise phishing risks and addresses evolving threats.”

As the cybersecurity landscape continues to change, VIPRE is excited about working closer with both Microsoft and its partner ecosystem.

“We are continually looking at ways to make email more secure, the products we are developing will provide further integrations into Microsoft products and increase out of the box security,” says Paterson. “Partners can use our technology to improve their own margins and also provide greater levels of protection to their customers.”

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