OPG and Microsoft to deliver clean energy solutions

OPG and Microsoft to deliver clean energy solutions


Microsoft will purchase clean energy credits to power its global data centres without carbon

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and Microsoft have partnered to deliver clean energy solutions and digital skilling programmes. 

As part of the collaboration, Microsoft will purchase OPG’s clean energy credits (CECs) to improve progress on its decarbonisation goals and power its global data centres with carbon-free energy. Revenue made through the sale of CECs can be used to support investments in clean energy generation in Ontario.  

“This innovative partnership will not only spur economic development in Ontario, but also serve as a model for other companies and jurisdictions to encourage use of clean hydro and nuclear power,” said Ken Hartwick, CEO of OPG. “As part of OPG’s Climate Change Plan, we committed to achieving net zero as a company by 2040, and to act as a catalyst for efficient economy-wide decarbonisation. Ensuring industry has access to clean energy to offset emissions assists in meeting that goal.”  

The two firms will develop an energy matching platform that uses Microsoft Azure IoT and artificial intelligence to match a customer’s power needs with carbon-free energy sources. They will also explore digital innovation opportunities to accelerate OPG’s small nuclear fission programme, with a goal of helping energy providers deliver greener power solutions.  

In addition, OPG is using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to modernise applications and IT infrastructure, while reducing its own carbon footprint.  

“We can only address climate change by tackling the challenge collectively,” said Chris Barry, president of Microsoft Canada. “Agreements like this one with OPG will help Microsoft move closer to achieving our sustainability commitments, including our goal of having 100 per cent of our electricity consumption, 100 per cent of the time, matched by zero carbon energy purchases by 2030.

“Working closely with like-minded organisations like OPG will help us move toward a more sustainable future, while continuing to power innovation in Ontario.” 

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