Pabst Brewing Company uses LMS365 for employee training

Pabst Brewing Company uses LMS365 for employee training
Elearningforce’s cloud-based solution onboards employees at a faster rate, supporting the firm’s growth

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Pabst Brewing Company is using LMS365 for employee training. The cloud-based learning management solution is supporting the firm’s growth by onboarding employees at a faster rate. 

LMS365, which is built in Office 365 and SharePoint, transforms an existing Office 365 environment into a learning management system that addresses the needs of a modern digital workplace.

After identifying the need to onboard employees at a faster rate, Pabst turned to the market to find a learning platform that would support its growth. Onboarding was complex and lengthy as there was no single platform for training, which varied by department. The limited training that was available was conversation-based with presentations on PowerPoint and didn’t go beyond the basic legal essentials. These challenges pushed Pabst to develop periodic training, leading it to LMS365.

Already having a strong Microsoft foundation in the firm, Pabst wanted a solution that integrated with its existing infrastructure of Microsoft products such as SharePoint, Outlook, One Drive, the Microsoft Business suite, and Skype. The firm also has employees all over the world so needed a mobile solution that could deliver training and provide management anywhere. 

The LMS built-in Office 365 met these needs and established Pabst Learning. The single learning source is used to accelerate growth, share training content and provide consistent training. Pabst now has the tools to quickly and efficiently generate content and can integrate third-party content for compliance and certifications. 

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